Self Love Online Workshop
Self Love Online Workshop
Self Love Online Workshop
Self Love Online Workshop

Self Love Online Workshop

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Join Grace and Abby at the Self Love workshop 6pm-8pm GMT Sunday 19th September - the event will be held live on zoom but will be recorded and sent out to all ticket holders afterwards. So if you cannot join live, you can still buy a ticket and watch the replay in your own time.
This is their best selling webinar you do not want to miss!
This will be an intimate event to ignite your self love journey and have you loving yourself more than ever before. Whether you are at the start of your self love journey or already in deep, there is always more to learn on self love! It is a journey, not a destination. Which is why we are so excited to bring this workshop to you as we truly believe self love is they key to you flourishing in all areas of your life. It is the journey to getting in touch with your true essence, so you can embrace your true authentic self and start loving yourself unconditionally from the inside out.
A huge range of topics will be covered during this session such as, the relationship with yourself and others, how we may unconsciously sabotage our self love journeys and how self love is the driving force behind successful manifesting. Many avenues will be explored through the power of meditations, affirmations and community spirit as we all join together for a very special evening. 
Expect breakthroughs, inner healing, body positivity and SO MUCH MORE. Are you ready to up level your self love journey?
Along with the Webinar you will also receive a FREE 15 minute Self Love meditation playlist & a set of journal prompts to complete before the workshop to get you warmed up. You can download these via a link in your PDF ticket you receive at checkout, make sure to check the details on the ticket to understand the next steps for the event and to make note of your meeting password.
The famous Self Love PDF workbook will be provided on the night to guide you during the workshop and so you have a piece of Finding Your Feet's Self Love principles to always refer back to. As well as a FREE 15 minute Self Love affirmation playlist which is not available to buy on our website.
We are so excited to host our most popular workshop for the second time, we LOVED every minute of the first one. The energy was incredible we cannot wait to reconnect and see you all there! 
If you have any questions regarding the workshop please drop us an email or contact us on instagram