Career & Self-Belief Affirmation

Career & Self-Belief Affirmation

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After discovering the power of Affirmations, Grace and Abby share with you a range of affirmations spoken by themselves with subtle music tones to relax and expand your subconscious.
This affirmation focuses on boosting your confidence and self belief, reframing your mind to see the endless opportunities for success available to you. Cementing into your mind how worthy you are of achieving your goals, that you are limitless and there is nothing you cannot do.
My boss babes on a mission, this one is for you.
Listen to this 15 minute affirmation daily to transform your outer reality.
The download link to access your affirmation is displayed after you have completed the check out, you will also receive the download link via email. We advise saving the file down to your computer as well as your phone.