2021 Level Up Webinar

2021 Level Up Webinar

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Join Grace and Abby on their first LIVE webinar on the 3rd of January 2021 6pm-8pm.

This webinar is built to transform your mindset heading into the new year of 2021. After such a crazy year full of ups and downs, the time has come to release all negative energy from 2020 and LEVEL UP ready for 2021.

After years of delving into the self-development world and attending various retreats and seminars, Grace and Abby have curated a 2 hour long live interactive video webinar that you can attend from the comfort of your own homes.  

A huge range of topics will be covered during this session to help you align with your goals, identify what is holding you back and help you rise to a higher vibration. This will be done through the power of meditations, affirmations and community spirit as we all join together for a special evening. 

The last 8 months have been a whirlwind and we have loved every minute of building our podcast and creating our community. We are constantly receiving questions about how we are the way we are, what pushes us in life and what has been the most effective for us on our journeys. That is why we want to share it all with you over a really fun session to lift you up and show you that you can do it too! Your future is completely in your hands. 

Along with the Webinar, you will also gain access to our private Facebook group. On this page we will be sharing exclusive content and connecting with our guests further, this page will also become a safe place where we can all can connect and discuss ideas. 

Along with the Webinar you will also receive a FREE 15 minute 2021 Level Up Affirmation which is not available to buy on the website. 

We are so excited to connect further with our finders and all enjoy an evening together. This webinar will leave you feeling ready to LEVEL up for the new year, we can't wait to see you there! 

If you have any questions regarding the webinar please drop us an email findingyourfeetpodcast@outlook.com or contact us on instagram. 

You will receive a download link after you check out with your PDF webinar ticket, this has all the details of the event and information about the next steps you need to take. Make sure you don't miss this PDF its VIP! The link to the PDF will also be sent to you via email.