Manifesting Affirmation

Manifesting Affirmation

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After discovering the power of Affirmations, Grace and Abby share with you a range of affirmations spoken by themselves with subtle music tones to relax and expand your subconscious.
This powerful affirmation helps raise you into the vibration to get you aligned with manifesting your dream reality. A range of positive affirmations built to release any abundance blocks, help you surrender your trust to the universe and feel deep gratitude for your current reality and your future manifestations, to make you even more powerful at attracting what you desire into your life.
Listen to this 15 minute affirmation daily and watch your outer reality transform. 

The download link to access your affirmation is displayed after you have completed the check out, you will also receive the download link via email. We advise saving the file down to your computer as well as your phone.