Some kind words from our listeners & podcast guests

Lilmarth, 03/12/2020
Truly helping me find my feet!
This podcast tho 😍 I have found this podcast so helpful! It’s so inspiring, listening to these girls talk truthfully about what many of us think and feel. This podcast has inspired me to start bettering myself something I have wanted to do but not had the inspiration or support - which is what this podcast and Instagram feed gives me! I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! It’s great to listen to, funny, wholesome, positive, supportive and full of so much advice and ideas. If I could hug these lovely girls and say thank you I totally would! 🙏🏻💞
@eva_w, 02/12/2020
Keep smashing it girls.
I am beyond words for finding this podcast.
I only started listening to podcasts recently as it was my lockdown 2.0 goal and i am so grateful for finding, finding your feet.
Their podcasts are honest, real, raw and relatable, positive and all the good vibes we need daily.
Because of their episodes i have started a meditation journey which has been amazing.
I relate so much to these girls on both of their journeys and honestly feel like I’m in the room with my besties having a catch up when i listen to them.
Keep going girls - you’re both amazing and this podcast will help and so many people.
Love Eva x
Hanhan505, 23/11/2020
Like I’m there part of the conversation!
This podcast is amazing, I find myself agreeing out loud because it’s so relatable. Really needed to hear some of the points raised on self love and body positivity - thank you both so much for helping me to get healthier from the inside out.
Lindy Loo 13, 07/10/2020
Grab yourself a cuppa and take some time out and listen to Grace and Abby. Their podcasts are real, motivational and honest. It’s like sitting in a cafe and having a chat with your best mates. Highly recommend.
BryonyO, 13/07/2020
Everyone needs this podcast in their life!
I absolutely love this podcast! I love listening to motivational podcasts but this one is by far my favourite.
The law of attraction episode was fab as I am a huge believer of this! Just finished listening to EP #9, think this is my fave one - loved the quote ”Don’t take advice from people who live a life you wouldn’t want to live”. This quote is definitely something I’m going to live by. What has resonated with me recently is that people are always going to judge us for anything we do, so we might as well do things that make us happy.
Listening to Grace and Abby on a Monday morning is just what everyone needs in their life ready for the week ahead! Thanks so much for being an inspiration girls, can’t wait to hear more from the both of you!

chloeannhobden, 29/06/2020
A breath of fresh air
I rarely listen to podcasts as I tend to get tired / bored of listening to people talking instead of just listening to music. This podcast was a complete life changer!! After listening I feel refreshed, a sense of calm and also feel as if I’d be missing out if I didn’t listen! The advice and topics talked about are super relevant and are things that everyone thinks about. These girls are so relatable and this brightens up my day every time I tune in. Since listening I have tried new ways of thinking and have really benefited from their wisdom. Thank you for helping me to change my perspective on life and to stay positive always. 💕