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We are so proud to be working in partnership with Better Help, a professional secure online counselling service who's values align exactly with ours. Their mission is to help you start living a happier life today, because they believe everyone deserves to be happy.
They have millions of people using their service everyday, setting up new clients with a therapist in under 48 hours. You are also able to change your therapist if you do not like them, all of their therapists have a huge range of expertise so no matter what your problem is, there is someone on Better Help who can help you.
Their counselling services are all given online, no need to travel anywhere to your appointments, you can get the support you need from the comfort of your own home. Their rates are also significantly more affordable than the traditional offline counselling.
They are giving our podcast listeners 10% off their first month of therapy, just sign up through this link - betterhelp.com/findingyourfeet
Press Release: BetterHelp Partnership Helping Families Have Access to  Mental Health | Step Up For Mental Health
Grace Co host of finding your feet podcast sharing her thoughts on how therapy has changed her life